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    04/01/2019 - 27/12/2019
    2 days
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    Khakheti is a region formed in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti and the small, mountainous province of Tusheti. Telavi is its capital. The region comprises eight districts, Signagi, Lagodekhi, and Akhmeta. Kakheti is bordered by to the Northeast, Azerbaijan to the Southeast, and Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli to the west. Beyond the modern-day administrative subdivision into the districts, Kakheti has traditionally been subdivided into four parts: Inner Kakheti to the east of Tsiv-Gombori mountain range, along the right bank of the Alazani River; Outer Kakheti along the middle Iori River basin; Kiziqi between the Alazani and the Iori; Thither Area, on the left bank of the Alazani. It also includes the medieval region of Hereti whose name has fallen into gradual oblivion since the 15th century. Kakheti is famous for its ancient churches' architecture and beautiful nature. With a tasty cuisine, this region of Georgia is always mentioned as a cradle of wine. Add to this the friendliness and easy-going hospitality of the Kakhetian people and it will be clear why you have to visit Kakheti. So, let's enjoy the spectacular landscapes and Kakhetian delicious and varied cuisine. Try to discover and paint the brightness of Kakheti nature.

    First day

    The tour starts at 10.00 o'clock. We will wait for you at your hotel’s entrance and drive you by comfortable minibus to Kakheti.

    Our trip will continue in Old and New Shuamta Monasteries. Both of them stand in a forest, which makes look them more fascinating. The architectural ensemble Old Suamta consists of a 5th-century basilica, a 17th-century domed church of a type close to the Mtskheta Jvari and a small 7th-century domed church. Not far from it is a new, Akhali Shuamta Monastery, which was built in 1520-1574.

    Then we will have a stop for tasty a Georgian lunch.

    The next stop is the Ikalto Monastery. It is mostly known for its monastery complex and the Ikalto Academy. There are three churches on the monastery grounds – Khvtaeba, Kvelatsminda, and Sameba. The main church, Khvtaeba (Holy Spirit), was built in the 8th–9th century on the site of an older church, in which Saint Zenon had been buried. In 1616 the Persian invaders led by Shah Abbas I set the Ikalto Academy on fire and it ceased to exist. The Academy of Ikalto trained its students in theology, astronomy, philosophy, geography, geometry chanting but also more practical skills such as pottery making, metal work, viticulture, and winemaking and pharmacology. According to the legend, the famous 12th-century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli studied there.

    Our trip we will continue in Alaverdi Monastery, located 18 km from the town of Telavi in the Alazani-River valley. While parts of the monastery date back to 6th century, the present-day Cathedral was built in the 11th century, replacing an older church of St. George. Alaverdi is the highest cathedral in Georgia (up to 50 meters). It dominates the surrounding landscape in a fertile river valley against the backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains.

    Delicious Matsoni Brake will be arranged in Matsoni House. Matsoni is a Georgian fermented milk product, kind of similar to Greek yogurt, made from cow’s milk. You can try this product served with honey or nuts and so on. There is even an ice cream made from Matsoni.

    Accommodation in Telavi hotel.

    Delicious Georgian dinner and wine tasting.

    Second day

    Tasty breakfast at the hotel.

    The next stop is the Telavi museum. The museum complex includes the memorial palace of the Kakheti king Erekle II (built in 1884-86), court church, philosophy school, bath and tunnel built by Erekle II, also Ketevan Iashvili Art Gallery. The museum houses king Erekle's belongings and along with them: numismatic collection, early medieval sarcophagus, late medieval armor, and collections of XVII-XIX c.c. cooper household objects, weapons, Khevsuretian (East Georgian mountainous region) clothes. The Art Gallery houses the private collection (187 items) of Ketevan Iashvili donated by her to the museum. The collection includes works of XIX c. Dutch, French, German, Russian (Aivazovski, Kramskoi and other peredvizhnik period artists) painters, also work of Georgian artists (E.Akhvlediani, L.Gudiashvili, J.Khutsishvili, etc.).

    Then we will have lunch in a beautiful area.

    The next stop is Tsinandali a village in Kakheti, noted for the estate and its historic winery which once belonged to the 19th-century aristocratic poet Alexander Chavchavadze (1786–1846). Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, the founder of the Georgian romanticism turned the estate in the village of Tsinandali, which he inherited from his father into the cultural and intellectual center of the country, the status it preserves to this day. The place regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts, literary events, and master classes.

    In Tsinandali, we will arrange the most important part of our trip – art workshop, which implies painting sessions according to Kakheti landscapes with a lesson in the main elements of composition, color, and oil pastel painting technique. Art workshop duration will be approximately three hours.

    In the evening we will head back to Tbilisi. On the way, we will have a stop for a tasty Georgian dinner.

    After dinner, we will take you back to the hotel.

    Please note that if you inform us in advance the meal for vegetarian

    will be arranged.

    We will give you the inventory needed for drawing

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