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Gida Wine

Alcoholic Beverages, Wine cellar, Wine Shop

14:00 - 22:00
Cuisine: Georgian
Sagarejo municipality, village Khashmi, Sagarejo, Kakheti    -    See On Map

Gida Wine was established as a company in 2018,The cellar is located in the village of Khashmi (Kakheti) The name of the company comes from the initials of the names of two brothers (founders of companies) who continued the history and affairs of their ancestors who have been engaged in winemaking since the beginni`ng of the last century, In Khashmi historical winemaking has been engaged since the time of Queen Tamar 12th century in the further 19th century Prince Tadeoz Cholokashvili planted a Vineyard for 250 hectares and built a wine factory, after which viticulture and winemaking are actively developing in khashmi Our wines are made traditional “Kakhetian’’ way in kvevri. There are tasting and master class zones in the area (Guest House) for 14 people.

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