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Alcoholic Beverages
10:00 - 20:00
Cuisine: Georgian, European, Mixed
Irakli Uchaneishvili Street 4, 1st exit, Bagebi, Tbilisi, Tbilisi region    -    See On Map

Bocacello is a natural fruit liqueur. Currently, the products are represented by 8 types of liqueurs of 0.5 liters. In bottles: raspberry, ginger, mint, tarragon, lemon, green lemon, orange, tangerine.   - It is possible to produce up to 2000 bottles of liqueurs per month; - Conduct tastings on site; - We conduct a tasting at the production site (Bagebi, Tbilisi); - We participated in 2022. At Christmas fairs; - We are represented in several objects of the Tbilisi Alcorium network; - We are represented in several stores of Georgian alcohol / wine;   Distinctive features of the brand:   1) 100% natural ingredients: seasonal Georgian fruits, berries, citrus fruits, aromatic herbs; Georgian grain alcohol, Georgian water and Georgian sugar; 2) High alcohol content. All liqueurs have a strength of 45%. Because of this, it is attractive to both women and men; 3) Large selection of flavors and aromas - at the moment 8 flavors are bottled, strawberries, cherries, melons and nuts will be added in the spring; 4) We do not use artificial colors, flavors, preservatives; 5) Hand processing and hand molding; 6) Attractive design;

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