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2 Tons   

Restaurant, Beer restaurant
10:00 - 0:00
Cuisine: Georgian, European, Mixed
Near Metro Station Akhmeteli, Aleko Gobronidze Street # 10, Tbilisi, Tbilisi region    -    See On Map

We believe in the world of craft beer – Creativity in Every Sip Our company is proud of being a pioneer at introducing craft beer to Georgia. We have created a small beer universe for you, where brewing is an art and beer is a piece of art. We aim to change the way people perceive and consume beer. We are on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. To put the taste, the passion and the craftsmanship back into people’s beer glasses. This is our true north. Creative young brewers and radical flavors have made people excited about beer again. “2 Tons” Brewery was founded in 2017 or simply as soon as there was a demand for it. The brewery and a restaurant is located in Varketili, the suburb of Tbilisi. Following the success of the project, we opened up a bigger branch in Gldani-Mukhiani in 2019. When tradition meets curiosity – Respecting the past and embracing the future! “2 Tons” is the first craft beer brewery and restaurant in Georgia. Our guests can have full experience of witnessing the incredible process of creating fresh beer. At “2 Tons” you can enjoy beer tasting coupled with some of the most exquisite cuisine that will perfectly complement the beer of your choice. Our recipes combine carefully created aroma, texture, and appearance, while preserving natural ingredients. Let us take you on a journey of ideally synthesized craft beer and traditional Georgian food. This is where past meets the future, where traditions come together with imagination. A better choice and bigger flavors? We can all drink to that – Welcome to the craft beer brewery and restaurant “2 Tons”

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